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Expertise in both the law

and the technical facts . . .

The TGF Difference

While lawyers take care to develop expertise in their area of law, even the best fail to develop knowledge in the relevant areas of fact. Relying on third-party news reports or consumer databases, they hope that their legal expertise will be enough and that industry truths won't affect their strategy.


We think there's a better way.  


At The Golan Firm LLP, we know that developing the best legal strategy requires a real understanding of the facts underlying the case.  We don't rely on popular consumer guides, third-party reports, or others' databases -- which are wrong as often as they are right. Instead, we establish factual expertise in-house.  With computer security and data protection being two huge threats in a world revolving around technology, we have spent years developing knowledge of not only the security threat landscape and causes of cybersecurity risks, but also of how and why data is provisioned, anonymized, de-anonymized, mined, collected, used, and shared. For our cases that depend upon ingredient science, we spent years studying the ingredients used in foods, household care, and personal care products. We understand how ingredients are synthesized or processed, and we are well-versed in the international scientific standards for chemical toxicity, biodegradability, and other health and environmental hazards.


That means we know how to prove our case from day one . . .




. . . and that helps our clients, our cases, and our mission:

to keep companies honest.
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